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The LifePAK® CR2 Connected is a Wi-Fi or cellular network–connected device that allows you to self-manage your AED(s) via a virtual platform. With the click of a button you can check the location(s), battery status and identify any issues with your device(s). 




  • Fully Bilingual.
  • 8 Year warranty.
  • Fastest time to first shock in the industry.
  • Designed specifically for the Minimally Trained Responder.
  • Capable of shocking up to 360 joules when necessary. 
  • Full CPR Coaching & Metronome.
  • Built in Infant/Child Mode using the same electrodes.
  • Clear Voice Technology and auto volume according to background noise.
  • Layered design allowing quick and easy access to pads.
  • Four year battery and electrode life.
  • Allows continuous CPR while analyzing the heart rhythm.

LifePAK® CR2 Connected

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