Our goal is simple - 

Through high quality education, give people the knowledge and confidence to save lives.


Troy Berteit

Co-Founder | Program Director

Troy is Co-Founder and Program Director at OLS Academy. 

He is a retired Advanced Care Paramedic and currently holds certification as a Simulationist and Personal Fitness Trainer. 

Chelsea Greene, PCP

Primary Care Paramedic Instructor

Chelsea is the Primary Care Paramedicine Instructor at OLS Academy. 

She is a registered PCP in New Brunswick and brings countless years of experience as an educator. 

Joel Mattatall, ACP

Co-Founder | Program Coordinator

Joel is Co-Founder and Program Coordinator at OLS Academy.

He has close to 15 years experience in EMS, and actively works as an Advanced Care Paramedic in both the ground and air environments. 

Dylan Roach, Bsc. HKIN 


Dylan Instructs a variety of Professional Responder and First Aid programs.

He possesses a Bachelors Degree in Human Kinetics from St. Fx and is an active member of the football community. 

Jennifer Berteit

Director of Support Services

Jennifer is Director of Support Services at Omni Life Support & OLS Academy.

She brings countless years of administrative experience and manages the day-to-day operation of both divisions. 

Tara Babineau, PCP


Tara is a Teaching Experience Supervisor and delivers a variety of emergency response courses at Omni. 

She is a Primary Care Paramedic and current Board Member of the Paramedic Association of New Brunswick. 

Gabi Rinkeviciute, PCP


Gabi is a Primary Care Paramedic and instructs a variety of First Aid and CPR programs at Omni.

Mike Robichaud, PCP


Mike is a Primary Care Paramedic in New Brunswick and also a Field Training Paramedic for the Provincial Operator. 

He delivers a variety of First Aid and CPR programs at Omni.