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Here you will find links to a variety of financing options.

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Finance your future with CIBC Professional Edge® Student Program

Take care of tuition, rent, textbooks and the unexpected with this affordable, flexible financing option.

TD offers flexible options for student life and Student Lines of Credit that can help you pay for tuition, books and living expenses.

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Only borrow what you need to help get the education you want.

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Student life awaits and with it comes many more expenses. That’s where a Royal Credit Line for Students can help. It’s a great way to help pay for post-secondary school expenses like tuition, rent, books and food.

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It's tough to give studying your all if you're too broke to pay for basic necessities. A student line of credit helps you focus by reducing financial stress.

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Student financial assistance from the Government of Canada and the Government of New Brunswick is designed to help eligible New Brunswick residents access post-secondary educational opportunities and to encourage them to complete their education in a timely and successful manner.



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