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Our 12-month Primary Care Paramedic program is designed to ensure you can meet the physical demands of a Paramedic. 

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Background | OLS-PPAT second edition

Approved test for Ambulance New Brunswick, Island EMS, and EHS Nova Scotia.

Omni Life Support’s Paramedic Physical Abilities Test is designed to identify weak areas in a Paramedic candidate’s physical abilities as they relate to the physical demands of Paramedic duty.  The OLS-PPAT was born from an endeavor by a joint committee of Physiotherapists, Registered Personal Fitness Trainers and licensed industry Paramedics to identify essential paramedic job physical requirements and create a representative means of testing a paramedic candidate’s ability to function safely and effectively in that environment.

Given the current reality we face with COVID-19 safety measures, the OLS-PPAT second edition ensures the test can be performed with just the evaluator and the candidate in the room. As well, the test stations ensure physical distancing is maintained throughout the duration of the evaluation. 

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