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Our 12-month Primary Care Paramedic program is designed to ensure you can meet the physical demands of a Paramedic. 

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Background | OLS-PPAT second edition

Approved test for Ambulance New Brunswick, Island EMS, and EHS Nova Scotia.

Omni Life Support’s Paramedic Physical Abilities Test is designed to identify weak areas in a Paramedic candidate’s physical abilities as they relate to the physical demands of Paramedic duty.  The OLS-PPAT was born from an endeavor by a joint committee of Physiotherapists, Registered Personal Fitness Trainers and licensed industry Paramedics to identify essential paramedic job physical requirements and create a representative means of testing a paramedic candidate’s ability to function safely and effectively in that environment.

With candidate privacy and safety in mind, the OLS-PPAT second edition ensures the test can be performed with just the evaluator and the candidate in the room. 

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