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Your Dream.



OLS Academy has a passion for Paramedic Education. Let our team of experienced Paramedic Educators, turn your dream into a career, in as little as 12 months.

Program Overview:

Next Intake: August 2024

Duration: 12 months

Delivery: Full-time (No online or part-time study options are available)

Location: Moncton, New Brunswick

Our Nationally Accredited Primary Care Paramedic Diploma program is an intensive 12-month blend of classroom, lab, an ambulance preceptorship, and a clinical practicum.  OLS Academy students benefit from instruction that is fuelled by innovation but grounded by time tested foundational principles in Paramedicine.  


With a 100% graduate success rate on Provincial and National licensing exams, our program prepares students with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and competently serve their communities as integral members of the healthcare team. During the program, our students learn:

  • Safe working procedures 

  • Human anatomy & physiology  

  • Pathophysiology and treatment strategies relating to common and/or emergent conditions 

  • Medical and Trauma patient assessments 

  • Emergency scene management 

  • Patient handling, extrication and safe lifting techniques 

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving strategies 

  • The importance of and strategies to maintain physical fitness 

  • Self-defense  

  • Paramedic service operation modalities and best practices 

  • Safe and defensive driving techniques 

Pathway to Paramedicine:




(168 hours)

(480 hours)





PCP100     PCP127
PCP108      PCP12PT
PCP122       PCP126 





PCP100     PCP127
PCP108      PCP12PT
PCP122       PCP126 




Christmas Break

Spring Break

PCP101      PCP114
PCP105      PCP116
PCP107      PCP117
PCP112       PCP11PT


PCP101      PCP114
PCP105      PCP116
PCP107      PCP117
PCP112       PCP11PT


Program Begins:

Term 1 Finals:

Term 2 Finals:

Program Ends:

Why Choose OLS Academy?



When passion and experience collide, amazing things happen. 

Through engaging lectures and a dynamic learning environment, our experienced Faculty will turn your passion for helping others, into a career. 

photo-output 13.JPG


Paramedics are expected to perform in a variety of clinical and emergent environments.  


That's why our team of Simulation Based Educators use tools such as the iSimulate System and our ambulance simulator, which blur the lines between the classroom and the real-world. 

Check out our most recent simulations by clicking this link. 

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Physical strength is a critical component for Paramedics.

That's why our campus has an on site gym and a personal trainer, to guide you during your studies. 

In addition, our Training Partnership with Quantum Jiu-Jitsu promotes physical conditioning, while teaching you the skills to keep yourself and your patient safe. 

Admission Requirements:

Admission Requirements

What does it take to be granted a seat in our Primary Care Paramedic program?

You first must qualify to attend a Selection Day. These days are scheduled throughout the year and are held at our Moncton Campus. (See Schedule)


To qualify for selection, you must meet the mandatory pre-requisites:

Traditional Admissions Pathway: 

  • Provide proof of successful completion of Grade 12. (Diploma or GED) 

    • If you are currently in Grade 12, a letter from your school indicating you are a student in good-standing, is required. 

  • Successfully complete the following courses, (academic level) with a minimum average of 65%:

    • Biology 11 or 12

    • English 11 or 12

    • Math 11 or 12

  • Be at least 19 years old, prior to the start of the Preceptorship Phase. (April 2025)

Mature Student Admissions Pathway:


OLS Academy understands that changes in life’s trajectory can occur at any stage.  It is strongly felt that no individual should face undue challenges in changing that trajectory no matter the timing of their decision to do so. Individuals classed as "Mature Students" will have the opportunity to enrol into OLS Academy’s Primary Care Program via an alternate admissions path.


A Mature Student is an applicant who:

  • Is at least 21 years of age AND

  • DOES NOT meet the admission requirements for direct acceptance via the traditional admissions pathway


The eligibility for Mature Students will be evaluated on a case by case basis, with the following taken into consideration:

  • Work experience

  • Panel interview results

  • Comportment

Candidates pursuing the Mature Student Pathway to admission, must submit:

  • Proof of High School graduation or GED

  • Resume with Cover Letter 


Regardless of admissions pathway, all candidates must submit the following:

  • A copy of your Driver's License or Government issued I.D.

  • Submit a Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Check. 

    • Valid within the past 30-days.

  • Complete the Pre-Selection Package:

    • Candidate Information Form

    • Pre-admission Self-Interview Questionnaire

    • Interview with a Paramedic Form

    • Letter of Reference Form

  • Pay application fee. ($100 plus HST)​

  • *Submit Immunization Record or Proof of Immunity to:

    • MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)​

    • Pertussis (Whooping Cough)

    • Tetanus

    • Diphtheria

    • Hepatitis B

    • Varicella

  • Proof of two-step Tuberculosis (TB) screening 

*Vaccination/ Proof of Immunity prerequisites are a mandatory requirement to participate in Term-3. (Ambulance Preceptorship/Clinical Practicum) If you are missing one or more of these items, talk to our admissions team to see how you could still qualify to attend Selection.  

** Additional fees may be incurred to obtain prerequisite items such as a Criminal Record Check, Immunizations, Blood work, and TB Screening. These fees remain the responsibility of the applicant.

Requirements for the program:

Items included in the tuition, can be found under Tuition & Fees.

In addition to these included items, students are required to have an electronic device during the program. The Academy uses the CompTracker System, which allows faculty to track student progression throughout the program. Students will want to select a device that they are comfortable typing on, as it will be used to chart using our Electronic Patient Care Reporting System. 

*For specific device requirements, click here. 


Examples include:

  • Cellphone or Tablet (iPhone or Android) 

  • Laptop

Language Proficiency:

OLS Academy’s Primary Care Paramedic program is provided exclusively in English. Candidates must demonstrate proficiency in English, prior to being granted acceptance into the program.

Candidates can demonstrate English proficiency in one or more of the following ways:

  • The candidate indicates that their first language is English; or

  • The candidate provides proof of successful completion of high school or post-secondary education, where course delivery was in English; or

  • The candidate provides proof of an Intermediate Plus or higher result on the New Brunswick Language Proficiency Evaluation or equivalent.

Faculty reserves the right to request that the candidate complete an approved Language Evaluation, at any time during the selection process.


The cost of the language assessment remains the responsibility of the candidate. (Estimated Cost: $60)


Selection Dates

In order to receive an invite to attend one of our Selection dates, the Academy must receive your prerequisites at least one week prior to the scheduled Selection date. 

Prerequisites can be submitted in person or by email. 


Once these prerequisites have been received, they will be reviewed by our Admissions Team. If all is satisfactory, you will receive an invite to attend Selection.


Success in our Selection Process is determined based on your results in four components:


  1. Answers provided in the Pre-Selection Package 

  2. Results on the Paramedic Physical Abilities Test (PPAT)

  3. Results of your Panel Interview:

    • The Panel Interview is structured to explore aspects of your character, relevant experience(s), and critical thinking skills

    • The interview is approximately 30 minutes in duration

  4. Results of the Candidate Suitability Test: (CaST) ​

    • This test evaluates areas such as english, mathematics, problem solving, and science​

    • An hour is provided to complete the 50 question evaluation

Upcoming Selection Day(s): 

  • July 30th, 2024


Apply Now

Are you ready to transform your life and the lives of others? 

Fill out the information below and take your first step towards becoming a Student Paramedic at OLS Academy!

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